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1 :( ´∀)・∀),,゚Д)さん:2006/03/11(土) 21:56:26 ID:dOE7UfpU

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140 :TAA1FaXiA:2017/02/23(木) 01:31:00 ID:HeRP6RXA
funny story, but very annoying too. I love diner food- it’s my favorite &#et80;2r8atࢭ meal, but I too wish I could at least get butter, cream, maple syrup. I sympathize with them though, because at a mainstream place virtually zero customers would want butter and would actually probably be pissed about the cholesterol, you know because they’re “watching their heart”.

141 :GZvScSxH:2017/02/23(木) 01:32:12 ID:HeRP6RXA
Thanks for your thgohuts. It's helped me a lot.

142 :s5OMjFFo:2017/02/23(木) 01:35:31 ID:+yWR8beg
I like a lot of the chnegas. I used Audio Swap for example on one of my random clips and I think it's a really handy feature. It was much easier and quicker for me to use than WMM to dub the audio and there was no need for me to adjust the timing which I liked. I enjoy watching YouTube grow and develop every day and I'm pleased to be a part of it, teething problems and all ;)

143 :eyx2F1q0:2017/02/23(木) 01:39:28 ID:+yWR8beg
Fell out of bed feeling down. This has brgethined my day!

144 :ovdP4G67VAyY:2017/02/23(木) 01:42:34 ID:HeRP6RXA
That in'sihtgs perfect for what I need. Thanks!

145 :UeLEf6Uw:2017/02/23(木) 01:44:59 ID:+yWR8beg
i can't stop staring at the blue dress on that model, is that Valentino or Givenchy?! :))) one little pic has now gotten me completely obmsdsee...sust know, must know..:)))well, have fun during your fashion week (nyc is done for now) i will definitely check out your posts on the other site

146 :CWAvRpNYnx:2017/02/23(木) 01:45:22 ID:+yWR8beg
This piece was a lieefackjt that saved me from drowning.

147 :9nLtjT9pM5l:2017/02/23(木) 01:50:39 ID:+yWR8beg
This forum needed shaknig up and you've just done that. Great post!

148 :K1yA1TwSOzB:2017/02/23(木) 01:50:54 ID:HeRP6RXA
Essays like this are so important to brdnneaiog people's horizons.

149 :Mm5Y9Ds8JGHE:2017/02/23(木) 01:52:45 ID:HeRP6RXA
Amen. Clients do2#18n&7;t like it when I bring my 15-page checklist to events because they are in love with the idea of themselves being faultless. All of these things on the checklist came about as a planning episode, sometimes learned the hard way. Thanks, Jeff!

150 :54xWNKXG:2017/02/23(木) 01:53:42 ID:HeRP6RXA
Felt so hopeless looking for answers to my qu.oitsns.e.until now.

151 :aQs8Lbv21sU:2017/02/23(木) 01:54:20 ID:+yWR8beg
Guys this is open to anyone, the discussion was started by Mike/Marc well here you go, I have REO Bank Contacts TAPE with title in hand and they come with WARRANTY DEEDS! this just in REO TAPE 1: 22 Homes MI (Detroit & Flint)BPO (recent for Quick sell)—> $257,050Your Pr&12————i#8ec2;——–> $155,00022 houses for 155K I mean really think of the rental for the year on 22 homes…All interested please let me know!!

152 :PmSWS9WdFoT:2017/02/23(木) 02:00:02 ID:+yWR8beg
I actually found this more enetntainirg than James Joyce.

153 :xdDpRNHdl:2017/02/23(木) 02:01:06 ID:HeRP6RXA
I have observed that will online diploma is getting preferred because obtaining your degree online has turned into a popular method for most people. A many people have not really had an opportunity to attend a conventional university or college nonetheless seek out the raised earning choices and a more satisfactory job that a Ba2#8lor&hec17;s Diploma offers. Still others might use a college degree in a discipline but want to pursue yet another thing they right now possess an interest in.

154 :AglCqI1Zm3f:2017/02/23(木) 02:01:27 ID:HeRP6RXA
Actually, doTerra clove oil can be used internally, it is generally recognized as safe (GRAS) for human consumption by the FDA (2C10R182.2F) Dilute one drop oil in 1 tsp honey or in 4 oz of beverage. It should not be given to children under 6 years old; use with caution and in greater dilution for children 6 years of age and over.

155 :kQaWHhSHB:2017/02/23(木) 02:04:38 ID:+yWR8beg
Hey there are using WordPress for your site platform? I’m new to the blog world but I’m trying to get started and set up my own. Do you require any html coding expertise to make your own blog? Any help would be really apeprciated!

156 :ZV0HndVLanS1:2017/02/23(木) 02:07:43 ID:+yWR8beg
… but not if he score a four as a borduany!If anyone cares to provide a feature on cricketing terms I would be deighted to add it to The Mine, but beware, it is potentially a minefield (pun intended).

157 :8bPQ2T6mpK:2017/02/23(木) 02:18:21 ID:+yWR8beg
What is a good site to get digital camera comparison reviews free?With so many digital cameras out there, I don’t know what to pick. How can I get a good unbiased rating of different cameras without paying for a suisrcbption? I want to pay about $200 and I want as many megapixils as I can get plus a good zoom, some macro capacity as well as some wide angle and not too too heavy and that won’t break down too easily, A good buy for my money. A lot to ask?

158 :bbzeUgb4Ep:2017/02/23(木) 02:22:14 ID:HeRP6RXA
Love. Sad about the insmnutert and totally get your sentiment - but you made me want to ugly cry, only I can't cause kiddo is home sick and I'd scare her. xo

159 :QgOiscG1vur:2017/02/23(木) 02:22:51 ID:HeRP6RXA
Randi, tha8;#t217&s so sweet! Thank you for taking the time to watch my videos and then rad my writing. Don’t give up on moving to the UK, you can do it and its worth it

160 :9vv4RXe1VU:2017/02/23(木) 02:24:42 ID:HeRP6RXA
I agree Franken should have answered questions, but this is not out of the ordinary for speakers on college campuses. While in school, I was involved with our Speakers Committee, and was regularly frustrated with how most speakers (liberal, conivrvatsee and other) either would not allow for questions, or would only accept two or three.This is, indeed, shameful for someone speaking at a college. It is not, however, unusual or specific to Franken.

161 :2odGRno0:2017/02/23(木) 02:27:04 ID:HeRP6RXA
This was a very interesting, and timely, post. I have just recently been looking at several different orgoinzatians, wondering about the differences, wondering if I want to join anything at all.I will be interested to read your future thoughts on this area.

162 :aEqiT1vJFYQ:2017/02/23(木) 02:28:08 ID:HeRP6RXA
BRAYWDOA!!! that is some madness. so dang inspiring. bummer about Hard Rock. i can't go now either. gotta be in Boston. but hopefully i'll see ya tearin' it up at Leadville. until then, keep on keepin' on!!!

163 :PHYPeOgjCvm:2017/02/23(木) 02:31:05 ID:+yWR8beg
Thanks Eric. If you ha82n&#ve17;t sold your house by next May perhaps you could consider taking part in an Eco Homes Open Day being mooted as part of the Big Green Fortnight next year? Please do get in touch with me at if interested.

164 :n9Zc5LWG88Au:2017/02/23(木) 02:31:15 ID:+yWR8beg
I discovered film-maker Cedric Ve2l#&a8l17;s Pigsty In The Kitchen series and his awesome Youtube My Facebook award winning …, I’ve wanted to find out more about

165 :x3i2fgr2ydmH:2017/02/23(木) 02:31:56 ID:HeRP6RXA
Didn't everyone have ninth-grade poser punk days? I know I sure did. Although it lasted from about grade eight to grade ten.... I was soo cool *awkward laughter* Hmm I should bust out my small pyseuid-rtmddad bracelet, where ever it is.

166 :vj2Xo9oI3FEh:2017/02/23(木) 02:45:11 ID:HeRP6RXA
anything, it was the look on his face).The minute my husband comes home, he grabs Oster and plays with him. He misses him so much throughout the day. I send a photo every day to my husband so that he can see a brief moment in time. It’s hard for him, I know, to be away from the boy. I also know that he loves his job…I mean really loves it. So I think he would have a hard time giving it up to be a stoa-yt-hame-dad. Both family and work are apart of him and he juggles it well.

167 :cNBGdDkRMcD:2017/02/23(木) 02:48:00 ID:HeRP6RXA
So, instead of requiring a Jupiter-sized mass of “exotic matter” with negative mass-energy that we have no idea how to create and sustain at a macroscopic level, we “only” need three-quarters of a metric ton of exotic matter with negative mass-energy that we have no idea how to create and sustain at a macroscopic level. It’s not that much of a improvement until if or when we can create this stuff – right now, the only things that have negative mass-energy are dark en/olyecrsmogogical constant (no idea how to manipulate that, since it appears to be uniformly spread) and the fluctuations between two metal plates due to the Casimir Effect.

168 :rhqxa2np0B:2017/02/23(木) 02:49:10 ID:HeRP6RXA
minat sangat-sangat kat yana samsudin..saya akan sentiasa support akak yana dari besklang…aaya sayang kat akak yana…haruslah love,,

169 :WE82YnFEo:2017/02/23(木) 03:21:39 ID:HeRP6RXA
You are so insterteing! I don’t suppose I have read something like that before. So great to find someone with some genuine thoughts on this subject matter. Really.. many thanks for starting this up. This website is something that is needed on the internet, someone with some originality!

170 :5a4TZj7Qf6:2017/02/23(木) 03:32:31 ID:+yWR8beg
Hola me encantas tus trmseccionud,ae encanta regina spektor, y se un poco de ingles, pero no lo suficiente para entender algunas letras de reggie.. podrias traducir Folding chair y summer in this city? cualquiera de las dos, ya que tus traducciones son muy buenas []

171 :WvqCPDhCI:2017/02/23(木) 03:34:10 ID:+yWR8beg
very valuable post, nice to be here important for that is a in the virtual world is so vital for the netter as a is the most popular services used by people in navigating a web site. of this background seems trying to join the world plunged into world of copetmition with excess - the excess he had. Appearance is very interesting with a simple design for

172 :oP04LYQraoT:2017/02/23(木) 03:34:19 ID:HeRP6RXA
Phenomenal post, take a bow!The seaialnnihfl-tion of the left means what if our civilization crumbles and scant resources remain?They take the gloves off - I mean *really* take the gloves off.To mindRider I would suggest that much of what the "right" does isn't right at all, they're just ruling slightly more to the right then the left. Hence they get the plaudits from conservative voters when attacked by the left in addition to maintaining a river of pork that would make the Amazon blush.

173 :vCLsPji9kM3:2017/02/23(木) 03:37:23 ID:+yWR8beg
Whoa, someone wrote something about Blake Griffin on With Leather and it WA;8#&N217ST me?On a more serious note, now that I know Griffin can be hilarious, I now know he’s not an emotionless dunk machine but a really funny dunk machine.

174 :vCLsPji9kM3:2017/02/23(木) 03:37:40 ID:+yWR8beg
Whoa, someone wrote something about Blake Griffin on With Leather and it WA;8#&N217ST me?On a more serious note, now that I know Griffin can be hilarious, I now know he’s not an emotionless dunk machine but a really funny dunk machine.

175 :prbe4EVFFR:2017/02/23(木) 03:38:29 ID:HeRP6RXA
Carla & Family So very sorry for your loss, Putz and I grew up together here in Adams, attended local schools totrehge, worked on CNW Ry. for our entire careers, Retired about the same time,etc. God Bless.

176 :57Dsc6KpIzX:2017/02/23(木) 03:41:56 ID:+yWR8beg
Mihai Oprescu / 011in/2012</a>/0ca o dovada ca spalatul de creiere aduce profit garantat ! Deci ii place designul, ii place Apple, taciscriin .. e normal. Si noua ne plac magazinele de tzoale, un whisky sau coniac vechi de calitate, sa fim realisti … asta e brandingul draga Alin Virsescu ! D'aia isi cumpara unii masini super scumpe dar stau in garsoniere de 20mp … plm, ma intelegi ! Reply</a>

177 :iZEr1a9in:2017/02/23(木) 03:46:40 ID:+yWR8beg
Well, I have not yet but I will for sure. But I am afraid to read a whole book on this topic, as it is taking a lot of time for the concept to sink in! But it is inteserting for sure Destination Infinity

178 :tizwGtwOqAz:2017/02/23(木) 03:47:39 ID:HeRP6RXA
1) both console have been hacked2) Xbox live price hike is due to Boby Kotick (CEO of ACLI)ISIONV(CATL OF DUTY) wanted more money because a large volume of xbl members play and purchased Call of duty.3) Xbox 360 Gold has no value in: Netflix last fm twitter facebook ectBecause psn has those features through the web browser4) Xbox live is the only platform charges you to use your own internet connection5) Youtube Xbox Live vs The PSN – Part 2: Discussion

179 :OhUNlbBj2aJ3:2017/02/23(木) 04:00:02 ID:+yWR8beg
Hey there! I know this is somewhat off topic but I was woriendng if you knew where I could locate a captcha plugin for my comment form? I’m using the same blog platform as yours and I’m having problems finding one? Thanks a lot!

180 :3D9fRv8yJ6V:2017/02/23(木) 04:00:17 ID:HeRP6RXA
Pershendetje Mine!Nuk do te ta keshilloja ne kete moshe. Mendoj se limiti do te ishte 16( edhe kjo nese do t’a ishte shume problematike).Te sygjeroj alternativen tjeter dhe shume me te mire : USHTRME FIKiaEFZlemInderit!

181 :IuT5bRzT:2017/02/23(木) 04:01:52 ID:HeRP6RXA
I thought this was great exposure for OSU. Highlight the campus (which looked incredible) and a lot of the new facilites. You can tell this team really has that it factor and that will draw more recruits than anything. They did try and make stillwater a lil more small town than it is but i guess that is why we all love the place. Over all i thought it was a great show. My facorite moment was when Weededn handed his wife the pa8.r&#p230;emost likely w him on the cover…which she took, looked at sarcastically then set back down on the table.

182 :AewFUvQI:2017/02/23(木) 04:05:42 ID:+yWR8beg
After watching the YouTube video entitled SUPPORTS DONT ASK DONT TELL, we found it necessary to put the heat on Paul, and it’s working. Paul is changing his stance (Obviously with this pro-civil rights vote) and if we keep it up, he will support marriage civil rights for ALL Americans, not just so0e;#823m&but I do worry about his inability to communicate clearly, and his flip-flopping. Granted, actions are louder than words, but a president needs to be solid.

183 :iUjRbkLAvMbR:2017/02/23(木) 04:07:42 ID:HeRP6RXA
Heidi, thanks for reading. Would love to connect with you and your family. Please make sure we get a chance to meet next week so I can put a name and face tovHaher.etge a great week!

184 :in3W83OVNwH:2017/02/23(木) 04:08:48 ID:HeRP6RXA
In the Language and Text system preference you can put in text shortcuts. I’ve used them in my writing, mostly because I ca&#n8217;t spell lieutenant. For your list of shortcuts I think it would save you $35.

185 :0xckuQFEsvWG:2017/02/23(木) 04:08:56 ID:HeRP6RXA
Vey useful link here. I personally found very good hosting on Wethnstiogbalk lately. I was suprised as it wasnt one of 'unmetered' hosting which are totally scams I signed up with b-webhost.com and got my details after fraud check by 2checkout in nearly 5 minutes. I highly recommend them

186 :6WaOwHii:2017/02/23(木) 04:10:35 ID:HeRP6RXA
Simply want to say your article is as amazing. The clarity in your post is simply cool and i can assume you are an expert on this subject. Well with your permission let me to grab your feed to keep up to date with foitncomrhg post. Thanks a million and please continue the gratifying work.

187 :PIcxiZjzL:2017/02/23(木) 04:11:03 ID:HeRP6RXA
Ohhhhhh!! That was awesome! Loved it! I wonder why they cut it so short?Cuz it was still full of it!And weirdly,it looked like abscess with cystic material(pus)!The pus looked like it was coming from a cy#tgs8230;ri&ht?It was an amazing vid with a HUGE payload!!!Now I can have a good sleep…(if I can!)Excellent find Lori Hansen Tnx a lot.Well-loved.

188 :zKX94Gi5d:2017/02/23(木) 04:13:40 ID:+yWR8beg
Hi… I am a new baker and was wondering if SMBC would hold up in humid weather. I have a 2 layer cake coming up. I find the American Buttercream too sweet and would like to try this or IMBC. The cake will be in the shade but I am from a place that is practically humid all year round…. hmmm. Thanks so much and more power.I am just so glad my friend referred me to your site. I sure am learning a lot of th0;8s&#g23in.


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