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953 :Andrewfar:2022/02/23(水) 02:28:27 ID:Y9ryYSJ2
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955 :Davidhaw:2022/03/03(木) 01:02:16 ID:YIcbjVKk
March 1
<b>Russian losses starting from Russian full scale invasion in Ukraine:</b>
Total approximate enemy losses from 24.02 to 01.03 as of 06:00 amounted to

Destroyed and damaged
planes 29.
Helicopters 29.
tanks 198.
BBM 846.
Artillery systems 77,
Means of air defense 7,
PCR 24,
Tanks with PMM 60,
OP operational tactical level 3,
boats 2 units,
automotive machinery 305.

Army staff - 5710 (being specified)
Captive 200.

956 :VictorTaids:2022/03/06(日) 00:38:19 ID:GV+mj+Vw
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957 :Craiglow:2022/03/07(月) 18:16:15 ID:gAN+ZTgE
71 Finest Fall Wedding Ceremony Visitor Clothes To Wear In 2021 For Parties

958 :lip:2022/03/08(火) 00:45:33 ID:dSKEPVwM
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959 :JeffreyGlifY:2022/03/08(火) 04:57:42 ID:gb5doeBI
27 Attire To Put On To A Fall Wedding

960 :Kristanarty:2022/03/10(木) 20:41:56 ID:1VFwpk/A
Мои имя: Елена Лыткина Дмитриевна, я хочу взорвать авиарейс бортовой номер SU157 взрывчатка в тюбиках крема, мой напарник в субботу разрушит взрывом DP6906, бомбу собирали из гранаты Ф-1. Все могут удостовериться, что все реально, или позвонить в Полицию.Смотря на чьей вы стороне

961 :Michaeldix:2022/03/13(日) 19:53:24 ID:t0slyOnc

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962 :VictorTaids:2022/03/14(月) 07:43:39 ID:dfxNJ/+c
Mesmerized while studying the script for the movie, Park said, "I am actually excited that I get to play a personality that's cool on the outside however is hurt and unhappy on the within." In 2009, she joined the variety/reality show Family Outing, which features comedians and entertainers coping with varied elements of rural life. But Park needed to go away after six months due to a recurring harm she sustained while filming a previous project. Though her dad and mom initially opposed her pursuing appearing, Park took profile footage of herself and went to numerous expertise companies.

963 :XRumerTest:2022/03/14(月) 19:36:40 ID:PqCY/9OM
Hello. And Bye.

964 :Efuirgrved:2022/03/15(火) 11:27:00 ID:B/lTQT/k

965 :Печати:2022/03/15(火) 18:02:06 ID:RfWexc+k
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966 :AlbertSig:2022/03/16(水) 17:18:59 ID:ErJIV2iw
It cannot be!

967 :ShermanNable:2022/03/17(木) 10:51:31 ID:lCbDcya2
I wish I could.
Don't cry, you'll be fine. he said hugging me and unhooking my bra. I stood in front of him half naked. Egor took off your shirt and clung to me again. He kissed gently and passionately. I crumpled my chest, and then went down to it and began to bite and suck on my hard nipples, I let out a groan, it was nice, I stood and felt how much I want my boss. Egor completely undressed and sat on the sofa, offering me to suck. I walked over and knelt down.
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968 :DanielAlida:2022/03/19(土) 07:30:11 ID:9nDTflWI
Sawubona, bengifuna ukwazi intengo yakho.

969 :Печати:2022/03/19(土) 22:23:13 ID:oV5kHsrg
Изготовление печатей и штампов в короткие сроки

970 :Kristanarty:2022/03/22(火) 02:46:46 ID:1lT/3Ku2
Когда увидела не поверил, однако мне послали реквизиты кредитной карты в обмен на фейковое минирование авиарейса, SU43, почти сразу после я отослал фото подтверждение состоявшегося заминирования на почту 7awkxpw5(С0БA4КА)johnivan.anonaddy.com в тот же день отправили реквизиты кредитной карты - 2202200764785877 05/24 987 - ALEKSANDRA CHASOVSKIK, мы с подругой сегодня нормально закупились!!! Не осуждайте, тут у нас малюсенький областный центр, мы лишились работы нет бизнеса.За каждое лжезаминирование даже на поезде оплачивают где-то 484 долларов!!! Выплата зависит от самолета

971 :JanetikDiock:2022/03/29(火) 04:21:13 ID:pyeVRdsE
Each generation regards itself as completely different from the previous one, but in the end it is about the same.
If I look at my own life, I see that I have often been wrong.
It will be the same with you at my age. Enjoy life and make mistakes. This is the meaning of existence.
Do not delude yourself that you are capable of being perfect - it is impossible.
Strengthen your spirit, your qualities, so that when a test happens, you find the strength to accept it like a real man.
Do not let yourself be fooled by obvious facts and ringing phrases.
Travel, explore the world, meet people, work on something that interests you, give a heart, do stupid things, but do it with passion.
The most valuable thing is to live life vividly.
Perhaps we all have more than one life ahead of us. But in order to deserve them, it is required to spend this life entirely. Take what you can from life.
Beware of sad fate.

972 :HowardPsync:2022/04/03(日) 21:40:26 ID:DE1l++CY

973 :ShanonKaf:2022/04/04(月) 10:00:52 ID:qRuEnnUw
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974 :KevinKam:2022/04/05(火) 00:02:23 ID:NWqngfgE
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975 :MumsBlossemep:2022/04/05(火) 05:31:34 ID:3AwXWnkk
Support Ukrainian Army
Special fundraising account at the National Bank of Ukraine to support the Armed Forces.

Come Back Alive: a Ukraine-based NGO, which helps Ukraine’s Armed Forces via technical assistance, supplying armor and medical equipment donate (including Bitcoin).

Crypto Wallets supporting the National Police, the National Guard, the State Border Guard Service and the State Emergency Service of Ukraine:

Ethereum 0x32b8b6fc046314dff1f3b1ee6daf1e46b762094d
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Crypto wallets supporting Ukrainian Armed Forces:

BTC 15NpjeA6W9h1jvrM3piZZFDoxuSeGeamKK
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Thank you for your concern, but I've already called a taxi, it'll be here soon.
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1001 :1001:Over 1000 Thread

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